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FS: New boxed-Firestone Audio-Fubar~DAC II & Fubar~Power Supplier: receipts available for inspection!

  1. norskman
                        {{{{{{{{{Fubar~DAC II & Fubar~Power Supplier}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Hi Fellow Members ,
    I reluctantly decided to sell my audio set up...as money is required for other pressing needs.
    The AudioEngine A5s i am hoping to sell here in Norway (weight)!
    But I do have the following For sale should anyone be interested.
    Cost from Holland 229€ =£191.00 Approx:inclusive of Tax

    Firestone Audio`Fubar 2 DAC & Fubar Supplier`Power SupplyFIRESTONE AUDIO `Fubar 2 DAC (Digital Analogue Converter)& The `Fubar Supplier` (Seperate Power Supply) These were purchased to compliment The Audio Engine A5 Speakers .Mine are still boxed..with all cables.I purchased mine from Firsetone Audio Europe (Holland)
    EU distribution Centre

    Leehove 69 NL-2678MB
    The Netherlands
    & still have the Invoices e.t.c.
    Please read the Tech~Spec:-

    Fubar2 USB DAC Fubar II is a USB DAC. Adopting Universal Serial Bus can plug and play without installing any drivers (with Linux, Mac OS or PC Windows system). Also using separate regulators for analogy & digital circuits¡Bsetting the power switch and reinforcing the regulator. According to Fubar II which is a transfer from digital signal to analogy signal, it can enhance the quality of the sound. Specification * Amplifier Structure : Low pass filter with 2Vrms output * Power Structure : Virtual-Ground power supply * Support Format : 16-bit, 32 / 44.1kHz / 48kHz * Circuit Protect : Output short / over current protect * USB Chip : TI - PCM2702 * LPF OPAmp : NS - LM4562 * Servo OPAmp : TI - TL072 Audio Performance (1kHz sine wave, 2Vrms output, 16-bit / 48kHz) Frequency response (From 40Hz to 15kHz) : 40Hz 0.01dB, 15kHz -0.12dB Noise level (1kHz, A-Weighted) : -96.1dB Dynamic range (1kHz, A-Weighted) : 96.1dB THD% : 0.0018% Stereo crosstalk : -96dB Connectivity * USB interface (USB V1.1) * Line Output : 1 of RCA jack System Requirements * Intel® Pentium® 2, Celeron® 800MHz or higher computer system * Microsoft® Windows 2000® (Service Pack 4) or Windows® XP (Service Pack 1) * 128MB RAM * Available USB port Package Contents * Fubar II * DC24V 0.5A power adapter * RCA wire * USB wire * User manual * Warranty card * Wrench Supplier

    power supply Supplier is an External Power Supply Unit. Setting high-quality regulator inside can effectively reduce the electronic ripple to offer the cleaner, more stable power source. Supplier can collocate with most of products of Firestone in order to enhance the machine functions and enrich sound quality. Specification * Power Structure : AC 110V or 220V in, linear regulation * Output Voltage : 24VDC (5% tolerance) * Output Current : 300mA (MAX) Connectivity * AC Input : 1 of AC power jack * DC Output : 1 of DC power jack System Requirements * Only using in cute series of 24VDC input products Package Contents * Supplier * DC power cord * User manual * Warranty card * Wrench

    Cost fra Holland 229€ =£191

    Will Accept~£160.00 Inc 50% P&P
    These will cost £29.00 to send from Norway?
    Am willing to go halfs with P&P can not be fairer than that[​IMG]

    Just in case folk think this maybe a rip off..please check out norway Post web site at www.posten.no( they have english pages to)
    Hope you feel it is a good deal any questions please get in touch

    Many Thanks Steve [​IMG]

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