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Aug 25, 2013
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Aug 25, 2013
So, I need to downsize my collection. Pictures can be provided on request. Best offers are welcome but no low-balling. The shells have no drivers in them and no cable unless otherwise specified. The prices don't include shipping. Here's what I have on offer:

Aedle VK-1 ($150)
  1. Afew scratches on the black anodizing, a damaged left pad and nasty-looking box due to DHS ruining it. I can send them to Aedle to get repaired before forwarding them to you but if I do that I'll need to charge extra depending on the cost of shipping and repair. I don't use them at all anymore so I'm selling them to fund future purchases.
(DiY) Bucket-rin OA-7 ($80)
  1. A DiY-ed pair of dynamic headphones with taobao drivers in a very good condition Pickering OA-7 shell. The pads are not taped on so they'll come loose but I can do that on request. These are in HK so I won't have updated images of them but they should still be in the same state they were in when I last saw them. I can include the original pickering drivers on request. I'm not using them so its best if I sell these.
(Vintage) Sennheiser HD424 ($90)
  1. In very good condition for its age and comes with the HD25 ALU cable and 90mm Pioneer HDJ-2000 pleather pads as well as a new pair of stock HD424 pads and the stock cable. 3.5mm to 6.3mm and 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapters have been included for both the cables. I purchased these because I was curious about how they sounded and now I'm selling them because my curiosity is satisfied.

Pair of NOS 32-ohm 38mm Sawafuji ribbon tweeters ($50)
  1. I'm selling these because I've got more planar-magnetic drivers incoming and don't feel like basing another project around SFI tweeters. They're in tip-top condition and are basically new tweeters.
(Vintage) Single Yamaha HP-3 driver ($10)
  1. The other one broke as the magnet cracked so I have no use for these anymore. Selling for spare parts.

(Vintage) Ross RE-257 ($10)

  1. Missing a screw and has a partially cut-out baffle but in good shape otherwise. I tried to make the TDS-5 drivers work in this but they don't seem to want to comply. These come with the stock cable. I can include the box on request.
(Vintage) Diamond Stylus SH-700 ($5)
  1. A partially broken Koss HV/1A Plus OEM, my second attempt to make the TDS-5 drivers work but like the previous attempt it failed , this time due to the crappy construction of the shell. I can throw in the original drivers and the box as well.
(Vintage) Yamaha HP-3 ($10)
  1. Shell in good condition. I don't need this because I only have one HP-3 driver. I can find the cable on request.

ZY HiFi 3.5mm interconnect ($20)
  1. I removed the palics rubber band things on the jacks. Apart from that, in very good condition.
DT880/990 pads ($40)
  1. Like new condition but without the packaging.

PM me if you see something you like!
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