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FS: Monster Miles Davis Tribute combo [Worldwide Shipping]

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by ulogin, Aug 3, 2012.
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  1. ulogin
    For Sale
    I appreciate varieties and different sound signatures, but that's after I joined this community (thanks Head-fi!). How so? I'd read somebody saying "forward mids" and I'd buy a headphone to understand what forward and mids are. I’d read somebody saying that "Xears does sub-bass well" and within weeks, I was listening to it understanding what was mid-bass and sub-bass. It’s been great fun. But since I should move on to my amp/full-size phones (for more auditioning lol), up for sale are these minty new phones (minty because they are for auditioning purpose and I use them interchangeably with my other phones). BTW, try not to dismiss a gear because it’s cheap. RE-0 is cheap but many compare them to the best.
    As you can see, here I have for sale are all bass-thumping guys – phones that are capable of producing full bass without affecting the mids. For tredble-happy phones, please look for my other FS thread.
    1. Monster Miles Davis Tribute (Mar 12). Absolute beauty, in sound and in design. Comes with a carrying case, pouch, stock eartips (most if not all). No longer have the packaging box, though. Monster's life-time warranty (meaning that you can do a one-time replacement with Monster). Note that Monster's warranty is not transferable. So in case you need these to be serviced, I can help you with the logistics (as long as you pay shipping). Condition: Very Good / Like New.
    2. Brookstone Clear Dual-Drive (Oct 11). As you might already know, these are rebranded Radius DDM2. So they have the same design as the bass-thumping, open-sounding, $250 dual-drivers Radium DDM2 (see below for more information). Condition: Good.
    Note: Date of purchase in parentheses.
    Prices include CONUS shipping. International buyers please add $12 for additional shipping fee. Accepts PayPal personal or buyer adds 4% (Amazon payment is free BTW).
    Thanks for looking!
    "Fine print"
    -  I can declare a lower value for custom declaration purpose, but only if the buyer bears the risk of insurance covering only the declared value.
    -  I bear the risk of having my gear damaged when it is being inspected at the buyer's country customs. Because of this, I demand international buyers to send payment using PayPal Gift.
    -  All products are tested before shipping. But if the buyer finds a problem and reports to me within seven days, I will issue a refund upon a third-party inspection. The third party will be any Headphoneus Supremus of the buyer's choice (has to be CONUS based). The Headphoneus Supremus will get the product from buyer and tests to see if there is any problem. If there is, the product will be shipped back to me, and I will issue a full refund and reimburse shipping. But if the Headphoneus Supremus determines that there is no problem, the product will be shipped back to the buyer, who will bear all the shipping charges, and will not receive any refund. Because the Headphoneus Supremus is chosen and contacted by the buyer, I will not be responsible if the product get stolen, lost, or damaged in the process.
    Glowing reviews:
    Brookstone Clear Dual-Drive
    Note: ClieOS gives them a 4.3 for SQ (reference: ER4P gets a 4.6):
    IEM Reviewer Extraordinaire

     [font=calibri]Talking about Radius – it is pretty obvious BrookStone has managed to find the company that OEM the Radius DDM series to make the Clear Dual Drive for them . . . . [/font] [font=calibri]Dual Diaphragm Matrix is first saw on [url=http://www.head-fi.org/t/516132/review-radius-hp-twf11r-double-the-fun]Radius W Pro[/url] (a.k.a. DDM1), then the [url=http://www.head-fi.org/t/556913/review-radius-hp-rlf11-radheadphones-live-and-hp-twf21-w-n-2]Radius W2 Pro[/url] (a.k.a. DDM2) . . . . What I would describe BsCDD is - if you mix DDM2’s treble and soundstage with DDM1’s mid, then pump back as much bass as DDM2 but without the fullness, you will end up with BsCDD. The overall sound signature is warm, mid centric and laid back. Bass reaches down deep . . . . but tends not to come in full force or linger long enough to feel like a bass monster like the DDM series. Mid is what stands out the most in the whole presentation - it is not very forward, but enough to show character in the voice yet retain distance from the listener. Treble is decently extended but smooth overall. Like DDM2, it is at quantitatively enough to show micro detail and not appear quite dark or lacking with string or brass instruments . . . . Soundstage is above decent. Unlike the DDM2 which has an immersive soundstage, BsCDD has a more open stage though the mid centric presentation . . . .[/font] 
  2. ulogin
    Now combo-ed with M4. Priced lowered.
  3. ulogin
    Now combo-ed with Brookstone (Radium DDM2 rebranded). 
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