FS: Modded Sennheiser HD 650 (AU only)

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  1. daveyston23
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Australia
    Up for sale is my HD650, which was purchased from Addicted to Audio in July 2015. I am the first and only owner.

    Physical condition: 9/10. Not mint but excellent, with no cosmetic flaws. It has been lightly used.

    Modification: "Coin hole modded" for a faster, snappier, and (IMHO) a better sound. Basically, the centre of the damping material on each side has been cut out in the shape of an aussie $1 coin (please see photos).

    Working condition: perfect

    Reason for selling: getting out of this hobby

    What I will be shipping:
    • the headphones
    • stock 3m cable
    Please note, I will not be shipping the following:
    • original box and reading material (in Victoria; I can ship this in December 2017 when I head there)
    Shipping within Australia only. Price above includes shipping.
    Pick up in Brisbane is welcome too.

    Payment via Paypal. Price above does not include paypal fees. Unfortunately, buyer will need to pay the fees. Otherwise, I am also happy to do paypal gift (no fees).

    Thanks very much for reading.

    PS: I am also selling the following:
    • Schiit Valhalla 2
    • Spare set of stock tubes for Valhalla 2 (mint- never used before)
    • Schiit Wyrd
    • Schiit Modi Multibit
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  2. daveyston23
    still available
  3. daveyston23
    still available (bump post)
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    Price Dropped.
  5. daveyston23
    still available
  6. daveyston23
    still available
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