FS: Modded Danacable Lazuli for Abyss AB-1266 (3M, 1/4")

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  1. ra990
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    For sale is a Danacable Lazuli for the Abyss headphones. It is 3M in length and is terminated with Neutrik 1/4" on one side and mini-XLRs on the other.

    I purchased this "demo" cable from danacables.com recently and it arrived in worse condition than I expected. After the split point, the cable sleeving had started to fray, especially around the mini XLR connectors. I knew it would get worse over time, so I reinforced the cable with some flexible black mesh sleeving over the top of the original sleeving. This mod was totally nondestructive and is fully reversible. It did not involve dismantling the cable at all. I simply put my black mesh sleeving over the existing cables, which can be removed by cutting off the top layer of heatshrink and simply pulling the sleeve off to expose the original Danacable. No connectors were removed and no soldering was modified.

    The actual cable is in fantastic/original condition, it was just the outer sleeving that had started to fray. I think I did a pretty decent job and restored the cable to like-new condition, but you are free to do with it as you please. It sounds great, as you would expect from this highly praised cable. I'm selling it because it's much longer than what I need and I don't like dealing with extra cable, especially when it's on the heavier side, which the Lazuli cables are.

    Included with the cable is the original invoice and a leather pouch.

    Price includes free shipping to CONUS. PayPal fees are on you, or you can pay as a gift. Check my feedback to rest assured that you will get what is being described and pictured here.






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  2. Quantumbody
    If you are willing, how much would it cost to send this cable to the U.K.?

    Thank you
  3. ra990
    Sorry, I'm only looking to ship within the continental USA right now.
  4. Quantumbody
    Most understandable, thank you for the speedy response.
  5. Quantumbody
    Obviously, if you change your mi d, do not hesitate to send me a message.
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  6. ra990
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  7. ra990
    Saga of this cable continues...I wasn't happy with the previous modifications I made to it. It looked less premium than it should have because of the two different types of sleeving. I eventually replaced all of the Danacable sleeving with a black flexible mesh sleeving. I also upgraded the plug with a 1/4" Eidolic Rhodium one since I had to remove the original to replace the sleeving. I used high quality Cardas silver mixed solder on the plug. The mini XLR plugs did not require any resoldering and I'm glad because those would have been tricky to work with.

    The new cable looks very premium, is noticeably lighter than the original, and sounds just as great. The sleeving on the mini XLR connectors is now much thinner in diameter making it far more flexible at that point - so when you turn your head the cable flexes and it doesn't hit your shoulder and move the entire headphone on your head like the original cable did.

    Also reducing price to $420 since the Danacable branded heatshrink around the split point was removed with the original sleeving.

    Compared to the original Abyss cable, this has a slightly warmer tone giving it a bit more emphasis on the lower end and a bit less shimmer up top.

    Selling to save up for a Double Helix Prion4 silver cable to try next.


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