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[FS] Modded Audeze iSine 10 w/custom steel alloy cable

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by takato14, Aug 7, 2019.
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  1. takato14
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    Regrettably parting with my iSine 10.

    This pair has been through hell and back. Housing is dinged up and the soft-touch finish is long gone. One of each ear clip snapped, leaving one clear clip and one black clip. Stock cable shorted out within a month of use and was replaced with a steel/tin alloy cable from a B&O U70. All other goodies and all original packaging included.

    These vintage cables are extremely durable and reliable, and this one has been used on the iSine for 2 years straight without issue. 4 feet long, with a Neutrik right angle 3.5mm termination.

    Please beware that the mod cable is superglued into place and is no longer removable. Additionally, I have had issues with certain phones in the past where the Neutrik 3.5mm plugs just simply do not stay in place for some reason, easily pushing themselves back out of the phone at the slightest nudge.

    These have also been modified further, with replacement super-wide-bore eartips which allow the driver to breathe better and push more dynamic range and treble. Midrange curve slightly improved over stock as well. E.A.R.S. measurements included in the photos. Response above 5kHz subject to measurement rig limitations.

    IMG_20190807_140834.jpg IMG_20190807_140827.jpg IMG_20190807_140301.jpg IMG_20190807_140244.jpg IMG_20190807_140146.jpg IMG_20190807_140232.jpg COMPARE.png

    As much as I love these, I have moved on to IEMs which actually provide noise rejection, and they simply cannot compete with my home gear despite sounding extremely linear and open.

    Asking for $150 shipped.

    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
  2. takato14
  3. takato14
  4. billbishere
    You can get these B stock (like new) from Audeze site with both cipher and standard cables for $150.
  5. takato14
    This is modded and has a custom cable that won't break in 2 days. :shrug:

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