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FS: Mjolnir Audio KGSSHV Carbon (230V) + Stax SR-007A

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by songmic, Jun 26, 2019.
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  1. songmic
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    Note: The SR-007A is the original Japanese version of its import version SR-007MK2 that most of you are familiar with, the only difference being the looks (SR-007A is silver/black whereas SR-007MK2 is entirely black, as you can see in the photo attached). The SR-007MK2/A I'm selling is the latest version (so-called MK2.9), which is widely considered to be the most superior version of the SR-007 (the earlier MK2 versions were too colored sounding and were considered even inferior to MK1).

    Hi guys, I'm selling my entire electrostatic setup, namely Stax SR-007A and Mjölnir Audio KGSSHV Carbon (230V). I am the first owner, and both headphone and amp were purchased new from their respective makers in October 2018. They have been used for 8 months and are excellent condition, kept in a smoke-free, pet-free environment. I also bought the Stax headphone stand HPS-2 and dust cover CPC-1 as shown in the photo above.

    Of all the so-called TOTL electrostatic setups I've owned/heard including Sennheiser Orpheus, HE 1 (a.k.a. Orpheus 2), Sonoma Acoustics Model One, HeadAmp BHSE, SR-009... the Carbon/SR-007A is the king of them all, bar none.

    The latest version of SR-007A is IMO the best sounding electrostatic headphone that also scales higher than any other, but because it is difficult to drive (Stax's own amps, not even their current flagship T8000, do not have what it takes to make it shine), it sadly seems to be underappreciated by some who have not heard its true potential due to the lack of a proper amp and therefore overshadowed by its more expensive yet easier-to-drive siblings SR-009/S. With the KGSSHV Carbon, which is as far as I know the most powerful electrostatic amp currently available, you get the widest soundstage and the best bass response (something electrostats aren't exactly lauded for) I've heard in any electrostatic setup. Despite being a SS amp, the Carbon has a slightly warm, almost tube-like quality that matches nicely with otherwise neutral-to-bright sounding headphones without causing muddiness or treble roll-off.

    There are many different DIY builds of the Carbon by various third parties, but the made in Iceland Mjölnir Audio KGSSHV Carbon (which was born out of a collaboration between Kevin Gilmore and Spritzer) is the original, "official" model that was built without compromise. More info could be found here.

    The Carbon is currently set to 230V, but according to Spritzer it could be easily switched to 110V.

    To add icing on the cake, the SR-007A is comes with the Spritzer port mod, which involves blocking the cable port with Blutack to further improve bass response. This mod was invented by Spritzer, the owner of Mjölnir Audio and the one who built the KGSSHV Carbon. Detailed info regarding the mod could be found in the link below, but note that I've done a much cleaner job with the Blutack as shown in my photo. If, however, you do not want the mod for some reason, rest assured that this mod is completely reversible without leaving anything messy on the headphone.


    Review for this particular setup (Carbon + port-modded SR-007MK2/A) can be found in the link below. This is also the same reference setup that Spritzer uses.

    I'm selling the KGSSHV Carbon for $3600, and the Stax SR-007A / headphone stand / dust cover for $1600. If bought together, you can have them for $5000. Price is net to me.

    Please PM me if interested.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  2. songmic
    The Carbon is sold, only the port-modded SR-007A left.
  3. stratas

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