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FS: Ming Da MC84-C07 ** Price Drop **SOLD**

  1. tunarat
    Hate to let this go but have to fund LCD-2 purchase and have sold my high impedance cans. Very nice, lush sound. Excellent soundstage. Mates well with high impedance Beyers. Will also include tubes, 2- Raytheon 12AX7, and Amperex EM87 to get your rolling started as well as unused original tubes. Ships in original box.
    Check Skylab's rating of this amp here
    Purchased in Jan of 2010.  $315 plus shipping **SOLD** (will split shipping on west coast) weight is 18 lbs. Paypal add $10.
    RIMG0181.jpg RIMG0182.jpg
  2. che15
    That is a beauty, do you by any chance know how it compares to the WA6? Is it an OTL?
  3. tunarat
    WA6 is headphone amp. Ming Da is integrated amp w/ headphone out, and less dinero.  Both are single ended class A. According to the manufacturer, the Ming Da is not OTL.  Thanks for the inquiry.
  4. tunarat
    bump for tube change
  5. psc001
    Hi, I'm interested. Could you pm'me for more details, thanks.[​IMG]
  6. tunarat
    bump for price drop
  7. -Stevo-
    That will look good on my shelf. [​IMG]
  8. tunarat

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