FS MHDT Labs Dialogue II DAC
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Jul 29, 2004
i've only had this for a week, but i realize that i've overextended myself a bit with a recent audio buying spree, and i have text books to buy. the Dialogue II is a nice source, with a very smooth and warm sound. i would like sold! shipped in the continental US (i'll ship to other parts of the world, but i must ask that the buyer pay actual shipping in that case) and i'll throw in a nice 3 foot digital coax cable that i purchased for use with the DAC. the Dialogue II has some minor scratches (it was used when i bought it, and it's in an acrylic case), but functions perfectly. i would rate it as an 8/10, cosmetically. for an additional $40 i will include a pair of 1.5 foot Kimber Hero interconnects. the Heros have some wear on the lettering on the heatshrink and some finish wear on the WBT locking connectors. the Kimbers are very nice cables, but they have become redundant since i now have DiMarzio M-Paths. i would conservatively rate the Kimbers as a 6/10 cosemtically, but they function as new.

i very much prefer non credit card paypal, but other payment methods can be discussed. my feedback is here. i hate to let the DAC go so soon, but whatcha gonna do?

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