FS: Metrum Acoustics Amethyst R2R NOS DAC

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    Second owner, the unit is in like new condition. Non Smoking household from both owners. I've owned it for a year. Original owner purchased about 2 years ago.

    Very capable DAC with built in head amp. If you can pair it with an external amp, you'll get the most out of it.

    $700 + Free shipping to U.S. 20180603_192035.jpg 20180603_192047.jpg 20180603_192109.jpg 20180603_192119.jpg 20180603_192128.jpg
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    Price reduced.
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    Price drop.
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  7. kdoof
    Website won't load for me. What're the specs on this?
  8. FishCommander
    Weight 2.5 kg
    Dimensions 25 x 19 x 6 cm
    Voltage & Color
    110V Black Line

    24 bits Non oversampling DAC

    Forward (FPGA) corrected

    1 DAC per channel in differential mode

    30 VA with toroidal transformer

    110/115V AC 220/230V AC 60/50Hz

    Input 1x optical, 2x coaxial and USB

    Output : 2 Volt RMS

    Volume controlled headphone connection

    Max load 16 Ohms

    Frequency Response 44.1 kHz sampling 1Hz – 20 khz -1dB

    Frequency response 192 kHz sampling 1Hz – 65 kHz -1dB

    Distortion 0.006 THD

    Noise Floor -145 DB related 2 volt rms

    Output impedance RCA 100 Ohm. Headphone output 3 Ohms

    Sampling rate Optical 44.1 – 96 kHz

    Sampling rate Coax 44.1 -192 kHz,

    Sampling rate USB 44.1 kHz -384 kHz

    Dimensions 19 x 6 x 25 cm

    Weight 2.5KG
  9. buonassi
    outstanding price. this will sell at this most recent price drop, hang in there. This DAC is ridiculously good.
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