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FS: Melos SHA-1 with Mods

  1. dsavitsk
    I am thinking about parting with my Melos SHA-1. A desire in 1993 to own one of these is what got me into headphones in the first place, and I finally got this in 2003. However, it has been sitting unused in a closet for a number of years, so it might be time to let it go to a loving home. I am not sure about price -- make me a (reasonable) offer.

    All signal path caps have been replaced with Sonicaps. The final HT power supply cap was replaced with a Blackgate. Additionally, the low voltage power supply caps have also been replaced -- pre-regulator caps are Nichicon Muse bypassed by Wima films and the post regulator caps are Nichicon Muse Fine Gold bypassed by Sonicaps. I also rerouted the input signal wires to not run directly beneath the circuit board.

    Tubes are the stock Sovtek 6922's -- they test as more or less new and work fine, though you'll probably want to pick up something else to use. My suggestion would be the Philips 6922's available all over the place for ~$20 each but there are lots of decent tubes out there.

    Condition is about what you might expect for a piece this old. The top of the case has a few scuffs as does the faceplate.




  2. Stevesebastianb

    Sent you an PM, check mail!
  3. dsavitsk
    bump -- still available.
  4. LingLing1337
    Damn, nice piece. Really wish I had funds right about now. Free bump anyway.

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