FS: MB Quart QP45x, New MB Quart QP55x, Kenwood KH-K1000
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Headphoneus Supremus
Feb 15, 2007
QP45x: They are very slightly used and I will include the box with it. They have a maximum of one hour of time spent with them. asking for $40 shipped via usa

QP55x: I only used them to see if they worked. They are an excellent sounding pair of headphones while not having that crazy price. Asking for $50 shipped via usa

QP250: I used them very gently. They are sonically perfect and one of my favorite headphones. Asking for $old Shipped via usa

Kenwood KH-K1000: Overall, they are not my cup of tea. I can see why somebody would enjoy them. As far as I can tell, they are sonically and cosmetically in perfect condition. I will include the box and everything that originally came with it and I would like to get $290 shipped for these via usa

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