FS: Maxed portable Meta42 w/PS KurtW made
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Nov 27, 2001
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Nov 27, 2001
Here's the specs Kurt gave me:


Amp Specs:
- Translucent red Serpac H-65-9V case, measuring 2.75" x 4.94" x .94" high
- AD8620 dual op amp soldered directly onto board for shortest signal path
- Cascode FET current sources to operate the op amp in Class A mode
- 3 EL2001 output buffers per channel
- EL2001 buffer in power supply with TLE2426 railspliter
- Power supply: four 470uF electrolytic caps, as well as two 6.8uF Wima poly caps
- 3 Amp Crowbar diode to protect against a reversed battery
- DC-coupled circuitry
- Vishay/Dale 1% Metal Film resistors
- Sockets for all output buffer ICs and gain resistors
- Switchable Blend function with internal pot for tweaking value
- White LED inside the red translucent case
- Output resistors replaced with jumpers (using sockets so you can put resistors back in if desired)
- Set for a gain of 9.6
- Case has external compartment for a standard size 9 volt battery (battery not supplied; the Plainview 9.6v NiMH battery and charger is highly recommended)
- Total standby current of around 13-14 mA

External Power:
- Jack for external power that disables the battery when the plug is inserted, in order to prevent battery overcharging
- 500mA walwart supply and external voltage regulator/filter box with LED power indicator for 18 volt operation
- LM317 1.5A voltage regulator for 0.01%/V line regulation, short circuit protection and 80dB ripple rejection
- Additional 3000uF capacitance for filtering
- To keep costs down, the walwart supply is a surplus unit, so it is tested but may not be perfect cosmetically. All other parts are new.

Pictures available upon request, I think most people have seen the translucent serpac cases before though. In case you're wondering, the 18V walwart is connected to a small filter box that cleans the power before going into the meta, you cannot tell the difference between battery or wall power. The filter box is black with rubber feet and a red LED, kind of like a mini HAL.

I originally wanted an amp for portable use since my main headphones were ER-6s, now I have an ipod and ksc-35s for portable and W1000s for home. I'm actually very happy with it's performance with the W1000s but now that I have a job and all, eh, why not.

Price reduced to $140 shipped+insurance. Orig >$200

edit: price reduction.
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