FS: Matrix Cube 192khz/24bit DAC/AMP 220V - ship worldwide
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Jun 28, 2009
FINAL PRICE DROP. This is a bargain. If it doesn't sell for this I will just keep it to use with my tablet+speakers and/or game consoles. 
Up for sale is my Matrix Cube DAC/AMP. I originally purchased this essentially the day it first came up on ebay and works flawlessly. There are some minor cosmetic scratches, but to be honest, I never even noticed these until I took photos of it with a flash. I probably really shouldn't be selling this, as it is a fantastic all-in-one unit and very useful for when going to a LAN, or going away for the weekend, or even to use while you are upgrading some other gear which would normally leave you without a DAC or amp for a couple of weeks. I have used this with an M3 (will also be for sale once I figure out what amp I want to replace it with, contact me if you are interested. It is single ended and comes with a 24V power brick) and also a MapleTree Audio Purist+ HD and it works great with both. This Matrix also works great with my Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm (yes, really) and some times I would just use the headphone out of this instead of switching on my M3. Any questions, please feel free to PM me. Located in Australia. Willing to ship to other locations, though. Please note, this is the 220V model. $200 net to me + you pay PayPal fees + postage. This is a steal for this price and I won't go any lower than this because it is just such a handy and solid piece of equipment. 
Forgot to mention, I have 349 positive feedback on ebay (100%) and have sold and bought here on head-fi before, but that was before the feedback system was introduced. I have also traded headphones with members before so I'm sure they can vouch for my trustworthiness. 
Feedback can be found here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/459326/stang
Asking $250, $240, $230, $200 final price drop.
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