FS: Marantz CC4400
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Aug 2, 2008
Up for grabs is my 5-Disc Marantz CDP.

With my recent upgrades, I figured it was time I upgraded my source as well. I have the original box, padding, and even manuals and remote. Its basically as new as it gets. I took really good care of it since I first got the player, but it still managed to get a few light scratches on the top (from other equipment). Its in perfect condition. Its only missing 1 thing, interconnects. I've upgraded to custom interconnects and I dont know where I've placed the stock interconnects. Hopefully I can save up enough for the new SA8003.

Price: $100 + Shipping

I saw one go for 130 on ebay recently and these are 300 new so I think its a good price, but shoot me an offer anyway.

Pics Later tonight when I get back from college.

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