FS: Marantz AV9000 HT pre/pro-- special Head-Fi price!
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Jun 22, 2001
This is a fantastic Home Theater pre/pro. All the things you'd demand of an up to date, kick-ass pre/pro: THX Ultra, DTS, and inputs for a 6-channel source (SACD DVD-A), so no worries about the future. Purchased 18 months ago, this is still state of the art. A monkey could set this up. Very well-reviewed on audioreview:


The AV9000 comes standard with the amazing and legendary RC2000 Mark 2 learning universal remote. I will MISS this remote. All accessories/manual and boxes intact and included. This unit was babied and hooked up to a very nice line conditioner. Like new condition.

The headphone jack on this unit is also great, way way above average for a non-dedicated headphone amp.

Original price when purchased $1800. This unit and remote is now $875 plus $25 shipping. This offer is exclusive to members of Head-Fi, and lower than any price I've advertised anywhere else.


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