FS: MagWires Litz 1 meter RCA to Mini Cable
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 27, 2004
I commissioned Jim Hess, creator of the MagWires RCA cables, to make me a custom 1m RCA-mini a couple months back.

The cable is in brand new condition. I no longer own the amp or the source that I planned on using this with so the cable has been sitting unused. It features high quality Neutrik RCA's and a Neutrik mini. The cable sounds great and is flexible and light so it won't throw around your portable amp. Works great for using a home cd player or DAC with a portable amp like the Hornet, SR-71, Portaphile, etc.

I'm looking for SOLD in the USA. PayPal bank transfer (no fees) or money order is preferred.

Thanks for looking.

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