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FS: LQi 4.4mm to dual xlr line out cable, LQi mmcx iem cable (4.4mm), Moon Audio XLR hd800 Cascade balanced cable 5ft

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  1. newtophones07
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • North America
    Hey All, I have a few items for sale:

    1) LQi Silver plated copper dual XLR to 4.4mm cable adapter. I used this to connect my DX200/Amp8 4.4mm output, to my balanced XLR amp. $89 retail/custom. My price $40 shipped.


    2) LQi 6ft mmcx to 4.4mm silver plated copper headphone/iem cable. I used this cable with my Shure Se845 iems and also for my Ibasso SR1 cans. The mmx connector seats into the Ibasso SRI perfect. If you have these you understand how hard it can be to find the right adapter to fit. $170 retail. The cable is 6 feet. My list price $100 shipped


    5. Moon Audio Blue HD800 (s) (also Campfire Cascade). 5ft balanced XLR cable. This is an excellent cable in build and sound. Its just a tad too short for the way my desk design. I have the paperwork, and it was purchased from abother head-fi member. $140 shipped. Retail $230.oo


    for trade bait, I really want to get away from reading books on my phone, to eliminate distractions.

    *I could use a Kindle Paperwhite 4 (10th edition) or a Kindle Oasis 7" (9th generation, 2017 version), or 2019 oasis

    I could use a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 cans in trade, Black, as my son wants a pair

    ----++ I could really use a balanced 4 pin FEMALE XLR to 6.3mm (1/4) 1-2 foot adaptor. Preferably UP OCC cables
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019 at 5:03 PM
  2. Homrsimson
    Have these cards ever been used?
  3. newtophones07
    Yes they are all used from my various daps over the past two years
  4. Homrsimson
    Thanks. I tried to Pm but it’s not letting me for some odd reason. Can you send me a pm?
  5. newtophones07
    For those that interested, please check the pictures to see the paint issues/wear of the cards from removing the cards from my dap slots, to desktop adapters, to my phone etc.
  6. newtophones07
    Added a very nice USB cable, and bundle prices for my last two 512gb cards. Fiio fans could have 1TB for less than $150 bucks.
  7. OldDude04
    Pm incoming.
  8. newtophones07
    evo card and pangea usb cable bump
  9. newtophones07
    Up for the weekend
  10. newtophones07
    Up again. I could use a nice 4-6 ft, 2 pin (silver or silver plated copper) 2.5mm iem cable.
  11. newtophones07
    Weekend bump
  12. newtophones07
    Still have the 512gb card and USB cable for sale
  13. newtophones07
    added some stuff, cleaned up the thread bump
  14. Mr Brett
    Interested in the Evo card
  15. newtophones07
    All pics posted

    I could REALLY use a 2.5mm balanced Cascade/hd800 cable. Silver plated copper, or all silver. Let's trade if you got em

    Sure, but you gotta pay the shipping costs USPS intl Express to NZ, from the USA (where I am located)

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