FS: Little Dot MKVI+ Fully Balanced Tube Amp with upgraded tubes, fans, and matching isolation feet! RARE!
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Jun 22, 2011
Hi All,
Looks like that time has come. I'm finally selling my favorite amp of all time. A true giant killer, this one. Punches way above its price point. The amp is neutral and stunningly powerful. Paired sublimely with all the best cans (LCD-2, LCD-3, LCD-X, HD800, 650, Beyer T1, HE6, etc.). Even plays well with the HE-1000! Sadly, I'm trying to consolidate my setup to get ready for my wedding, so my marriage is your benefit (haha, don't tell my fiancee).
The amp comes with upgrade Sino 6SN7 tubes (such a great new production tube), upgraded 6SL7GT Tung Sol tubes (my favorite 6SL7 variant), upgraded cooler master fans (installed) that make the amp run completely silent, and a set of dayton audio isolation feet that just make the amp look stunning. The amp also comes with the original NOS RCA 6080s that it came with, barely used. All the tubes test like new, so you're sure to get a ton of great audio out of them.
Anyway, this price includes shipping to the US and the unit usually retails for $900 plus shipping. Not to mention that this is the mk2 variant with the single-ended output in the front, in the rare silver finish. This unit was a crowd favorite at Chi Uni Fi 8, pairing with the LCD-3 for many people's personal "Best in Show". Shoot me an offer!
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