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FS: Little Dot MK VIII SE - SOLD!

  1. tubenews
    Wanting to purchase a Leben, so checking interest on my silver MK VIII SE.  Original owner, and is the newest model.  Comes with less than 5 hrs on the original EH 12AT7 tubes & roughly 100 hrs on the power tubes.  I have some GE, Raytheon & other 12at7 tube types I will throw in to sweeten the deal.  This amp was voiced, as I understand, for the HD800s, which I own, and really helps to warm up the lows and smooth out the highs very nicely IMO.  Ran it balanced via my CA 840C.  Price was $879 shipped to my front door.  Looking for SOLD plus shipping, Paypal via gift payment or Postal Money order.  I have a bit of feedback here, and I also have feedback on Agon (audionews) and ebay (tubenews).  Pics to come...
  2. tubenews
  3. tubenews
  4. sebtdi
    are you also selling the audio-gd amp?
  5. tubenews
    Not at this time, no.  If you're really interested, PM me with your offer...
  6. tubenews
  7. tubenews
  8. tubenews
  9. tubenews
    Going to A'gon soon.  Bump
  10. tubenews
    Final price drop before Agon.  This is an awesome amp, guys.  Somebody must be interested!
  11. beachgeek
    Looks awesome, unfortunately it is way out of my price limit.  btw what is agon?
  12. tubenews
    Audiogon is another hi-fi web site, but more geared toward mainstream audio gear and not so much headphones.  Type in "Audiogon" in your browser.  It's a cool site!
  13. sebtdi
    Why are you selling? THis is such a bargain for a balanced tube amp -unheard of. I have the same unit in Black and I love it - runs a bit hotter but it's ok. I bought some Russian 6030 DR tubes to try with it
    Good luck with the sale - mine is a keeper!

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