FS: Little Dot Micro
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Jan 22, 2006

I bought this Little Dot Micro amp off Hemos about a month ago. With my Echo Indigo card, I don't need it for my laptop setup and I'm shooting for the Xin amps some months down the road, so things have to go.

I got this in great working condition, but since then, the front plate has a small scar when I accidentally cut it against my screwdriver. The screws (4 for the front and 4 for the back) are also hard to stay in place if not screwed properly, so the ones at the back are held together by sticky tape. All of this has no effect on the board as far as I can tell.

This is the Micro, not the Micro+. Therefore the output is on the front and the input jack is on the back; there is no jack for an adapter to charge the 3AAA batteries.

I'm looking for $40 (paypal fees, shipping to US and Canada) for this little pocket amp.

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