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FS: Like-New RSA Tomahawk Black

  1. cooldude1015
    I'm the first owner of this Tomahawk and I've barely gotten the chance to use it in the 3 years that I've owned it. I'm not sure if it has been fully burned in yet (probably 100 hrs of white noise and 20 hrs of listening). It has the serial number T606 and it is black.

    I'll be shipping it with the original box with the original instructions.

    Price: $200 w/ Free Shipping in CONUS


  2. cooldude1015
    ^ Bumpity ^
  3. cooldude1015
    I like to bump it bump it. I like to bump it bump it. We like to.... bump it!
  4. ronses
    hi Cooldude,
    is your tomahawk still available? Cheers!
  5. cooldude1015
    Bumping a super old thread. This is still for sale!
  6. cooldude1015
    Quick FYI. I'm going out of town and I won't be available to ship it until June 16th! Please send me your offers in the meantime and I will be available via PM.
  7. illumineering
    Is the amp still for sale?  Please let me know if ti is.  Thanks!

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