FS -(Like new) EarSonics Velvet V2 + Pelican case + Extra Cable (W) PP or LZ-A5+PP

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    I'm selling a pair of like new EarSonics Velvet V2s with extras. They are in mint condition. I am the original owner, I bought them early April of this year and received them mid May. I've used them for about 10 hours at most.

    I bought them looking for my end game IEM, and these are exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately life happens, and college fees have no mercy, so this end game will have to wait. These are seriously awesome IEMs for anyone looking for something fun that has powerful bass, but also reeks of detail without harshness.

    The IEMs bring every original component, including the box. The only items I used were the screw driver for changing the sound a few times, and the IEMs themselves. All of the eartips, original cable, case, cleaning brush, wipes, 1/4 adapter, etc, are unused (I used my own stuff).

    This bundle will also bring a Pelican 1010 micro case with some foam insert I used to hold the IEMs in place, and some alcohol wipes, a cleaning brush, and my ES100 bluetooth adapter.

    The extra cable is an LZ silver cable I modded with some null audio 2 pin connectors. I'm not a believer of cables changing sound, but I removed the memory wire from it, so to me it's much more comfortable and looks better than the original cable (which is also included).

    UPDATE: New case arrived. It will replace the defective case. However, you can have the defective one too if you want. Just let me know.

    The original carry case included came with a bad zipper. EarSonics is sending me a new one through warranty which should arrive within the next week or so. If you purchase these before they arrive, I will ship the new case to you at my expense.

    The 2 year manufacturer warranty is fully transferable according to EarSonics.

    I'm asking $675 Paypal, shipping CONUS & PP fee included. Only trade I would consider is a pair of LZ A5s (with accessories) + $500.
    Price is firm, as I am in no rush to sell them. However, They are packaged and ready to ship.

    Thanks for looking! Send me a PM and I should get back to you within a few hours. Feel free to ask questions.

    Pictures (sorry for bad lighting, I'll probably update soon):

    20180714_003229.jpg 20180714_003250.jpg 20180714_003314.jpg 20180714_003221.jpg 20180714_003613.jpg 20180714_003328.jpg 20180714_003545.jpg 20180714_003608.jpg
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