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FS: Like New ATH-M50 Straight Cable - (<3 months old + DT250 Velours!)

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by senpai3330, Jun 30, 2013.
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  1. Senpai3330
    For Sale
    Hi everyone,

    Up for sale is an almost new pair of ATH-M50's in the straight cable variant. I bought these for commuting a lot during the summer but those plans never happened so I have an extremely mint pair of headphones that I don't find myself using.

    Ships with the leather carrying pouch, leather pads, DT250 velours (SWEET JESUS THESE FEEL GOOD), and the headphones themselves.
    $115 includes shipping and paypal fees.

    Thanks for looking! Please message me if you have questions or are interested in buying. Take a look at my other items if you have a chance. I'm selling a lot of my audio gear to help pay for tuition.
  2. Senpai3330
    Sale Pending.
  3. Senpai3330
    Sold. Closed.
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