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FS: Leben CS-300 tube integrated headphone/speaker amp 120V USA version w premium tubes!

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by skylab, May 5, 2014.
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  1. Skylab Contributor
    For Sale
    I've been resisting this because I do love the little Leben so, but it's time to move it along. I'm just not using it anymore as I very rarely listen to headphones these days now that my kids are grown.

    This CS300 is in very close to mint condition. I personally cannot find a scratch on it but I hesitate to throw around "mint" lightly so let's just say near mint. It works perfectly. It will come outfitted with premium vintage tubes, NOT the so-so stock tubes. Also very importantly note that this is a 120V unit, proper for the US market, so it does NOT require any kind of step up (or down) transformer.

    Will be shipped out in its original box. Shipping is included in the listed price, which is FIRM.
  2. magiccabbage
    great price, great amp. I had the pleasure of hearing it in a local audio store before Christmas. Will you replace it with anything or just stick to your speaker rig? 
    Good luck with sale - it should go quickly enough at that price. 
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