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FS: LampizatOr Level 7 with volume control and DSD engine.

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  1. 00lunar
    For Sale
    For sale goes LampizatOr Level 7 excellent DAC. This version has DSD engine inside, separate PCM engine is also included. Switching between those two is handled via remote control. It's basically Big7 but with a bit different power supply, rectifier tubes, and it's two case design. Not too long ago this very unit cost around 9000 Euros in such configuration.
    This is a two box device. One chasis is purely power supply, second consists of digital and analog modules, along with volume control and all inputs and outputs. Device is in great shape, has been treated with most care, I'm first and only owner, non-smoker. Jupiter Copper Foil output capacitors are mounted. Tube output switch (45 or 2A3) is included. Voltage is 230V.
    Digital inputs are coaxial, USB and AES/EBU. Analog outputs are a pair of RCA's and a pair of XLR's. Display is black with orange letters, power ring is also orange. Blue ring if on second box. Front plates are black, the same story is with chasis.
    Device has been assembled in August 2014. It still has four years of warranty left.
    The package contains:
    - Level 7 two box DAC
    - pair of rectifier tubes
    - pair of Electro-Harmonix 2A3 tubes
    - original remote control
    - umbilical cords to connect two boxes together
    Device is located in Poland. This is one incredible sounding DAC. I'm selling it only because I'm after Golden Gate, much more expensive flagship LampizatOr DAC. Level 7 is machime made for DSD music above anything else. It can work with PCM files, though those need to be upsampled to DSD via Foobar2000, HQ Player or jRiver. Choice is yours. My unit can also work with CD Players via coaxial input.

Thread Status:
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