FS: La Figaro 339 upgrade version + Tubes

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  1. Supurderek
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    I purchased this beauty July of last year and got carried away with purchasing a whole selection of tubes with it for tube rolling. Now with the new addition to the family, we could use the spare cash for diapers and such. More importantly, wife's argument that I didn't use it enough, was correct. It was too hot and we were scared our children were going to burn themselves touching the tubes when we weren't looking. Also, I use lower impedance headphones and this is better match for higher. Plus, bright lights are just too darn attractive to little hand! I want to sell the whole package since I don't have another amp that could use all the tubes I have.

    The amplifier was probably used around 100 hours total so all tubes are NOS or very close.

    Shipping will be pricey due to the weight of the package. Will make sure everything is protected to the highest quality possible!


    Item list:
    Yuking La Figaro 339 newest model amplifier
    2x 1967 NOS Tung Sol 5998 Domino Black Plate 6080, 421A Type
    4x RCA Red Metal 5693 (6SJ7) Quad Matched
    2x Sylvania NOS 7236
    2x RCA 6AS7G Black Plate
    2x Tung-Sol 7236 - 1965 08 Date Code 5998
    2x Tung-Sol Type 5998
    4x Jan Philips Sylvania 80s 6SJ7WGT
    2x Gold plated 6SJ7 to EF86/80 Tube Converter
    2x Telefunken EF80 6BX6
    + a few others.

    IMG_0432.jpg IMG_0431.jpg
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  2. Supurderek
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  3. Supurderek
    Still available! Packed and ready to go.
  4. Supurderek
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  5. Supurderek
    Still available!
  6. Supurderek
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  7. Supurderek
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  8. Supurderek
  9. Supurderek
    Still available
  10. Supurderek
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  11. Supurderek
    Ok holiday season time! Should get to you before x-mas! $700. This is basically brand new with a lot of possibilities for tube rolling.
  12. djj65
    Would you be willing to sell any of the tubes? I have this amp and love it, great unit.
  13. Quadfather
    What type headphone jack/output?
  14. Supurderek
  15. Supurderek
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