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Since I am within my return window, I'm going to return these to the store instead.  Thanks for looking.
I have an offer for the forum members here who might not have access to these headphones.  They are the Koss Tony Bennett Special / Signature Edition headphones, or also known as the Koss DJ100 headphones.  The benefit with the TBSE version is that the headphone features a detachable cable with a 3.5mm connector on both ends, with a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter for use in full size jacks.
I have the option of returning these headphones to my local store for a full credit.  But, I will post them here for sale, in the event it may benefit someone who is looking for these headphones.  They are in * Pristine * condition with minimal use, as I've only owned them for 1.5 weeks.  All of the standard information is all present, and as follows:
- Coiled headphone cable
- Tony Bennett small booklet
- Tony Bennett song download card
- Zippered protective case for the headphones
- Original box for the headphones
Additionally, if someone is interested in these, I'll also include a free V-Moda 6' headphone cable.  It is also in "as new" shape and is the red / black cable with the Kevlar jacket.  Both ends of this cable are terminated with 3.5mm cable ends.  The cable would run $17.00, with shipping if ordered from V-Moda today.
My price is $53.00 for these.  It will cover the headphone purchase price and the tax that I paid when I purchased them.  I can accept PayPal, but would need for the buyer to absorb these fees, so I don't lose any money on this sale.
Shipping: I would ship them in the United States via USPS Priority Mail, plus insurance and delivery confirmation.  This cost would be $14.00.
International?  I could ship them Internationally, or to Canada.  My "guesstimate" is that the cost might be somewhere in the $25.00 - $30.00 range of USPS Priority Mail was utilized.  The USPS doesn't provide the insurance option on International Priority Mail packages.  They do on Express mail packages.  However, Express mail can run up to 2.5 times the cost of Priority Mail shipping.  Also, with International shipments, the customs claim number works as a delivery tracking / confirmation number for parcels of this nature.
I am providing a stock picture of the headphones, but can assure you they are in very good condition and have only been used minimally in the past 1.5 weeks in a non-smoking home.
Thank you,
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