FS: Klipsch RP-series speakers (160m, 150m, 450c)

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    Hey guys! Selling everything in my home theater system speakers wise to downsize a bit. All the prices already include shipping in the CONUS only.

    Here's what is up for sale:

    RP-160m: $250 - Excellent condition with some minor wear on the right corner of one of the speakers.

    RP-150m: $old ($175)- Great condition with a small hole in the cloth mesh/cover of one of the speakers

    RP-450c: $250 - Excellent, like-new condition

    If you want to buy the 160M and 450C together, I'm willing to come down to $475 shipped. Otherwise, prices are firm.

    20180710_132449.jpg 20180710_132439.jpg 20180710_132456.jpg
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  2. PacoTaco

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