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FS: KingREX UD384 + U-Power combo

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  1. 00lunar
    For Sale
    I've decided to let those puppies go, I have no need for them these days, as I've got hi-end source lately. Products listed are brand new, they've been used for two or three days, so aren't even fully burned in. Condition is top notch, no scratches, bumps etc.
    No trades this time, I'm only after cash.
    What's for sale is complete two pieces set: d/a UD384 converter and U-Power battery for it, though it can be used with some other DAC-s as well. Inside the boxes you'll find original papers, chargers etc. Both units are fully operational and rocking good together, were meant to work in pair. That's why I don't sell them separately.
    Payment (via PayPal with additional cost if it's not a gift) and shipping cost is on you. I preffer to let KingRex stuff go in EU, but am willing to send anywhere.
    Price for set is $490 or equivalent in Euros.
  2. 00lunar
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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