FS: KICAS Caliente (SOLD)
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Dec 15, 2008
I'm selling my much loved KICAS Caliente amp (as part of a wife-requested simplification process).  The Caliente is basically a standard KICAS but with a bit more warmth.
The amp was purchased from a fellow Head-Fi'er (powerslave) less than a month ago and remains in the condition I received it in: "The amp is in great shape, looks brand new."  It is truly a nice amp and has great synergy with HD650s and K702 (I am sure many others as well).
Asking: $SOLD including shipping CONUS.  Will ship WW at buyer's expense.
Paypal "Gift" preferred
The amp includes the original multi-national power supply and internal jumpers (so you can change the Caliente to match the sound signature of the standard KICAS if you want).
**The following pictures are of the amp.  The first two were taken with an iPhone (sorry), so I also included a photo that was originally taken by powerslave before he sent me the amp.
Feel free to PM me with questions


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