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FS: JVC MarshMallow Green/Blue

  1. flame
    I got these as a gift just two months ago, never actually used them at all.
    They are sitting on my table and collecting dust, so decide to sell it to someone who can have a better use than i do.
    I have thrown away the pair of eartips that i used, and it is now with a brand new pair.
    The item in the pic is exactly what you will receive.
    Selling it for $7 shipped within North America. $8 worldwide. [​IMG]

  2. gangsterman
    hoe good are they??
  3. flame
    you can look around this forum.
    most of the people think this is best bang for the buck IEM under $20. [​IMG]
  4. Baines93
    I'll take em at $8.

    PM me.


    EDIT: Screw that. Sister would rather have a pair of iBud clones over these, which I won't be buying for her. Was happily going to get her these though. Her loss!
  5. Dar_T
    Pm'ed. [​IMG]

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