FS: JBL Reference 220 (black)
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Jul 30, 2003

I bought these after I got the V-MODA Vibe because I wanted to see which one I preferred. Upon listening to these, I found out that the two canalphones sound strikingly different (IMHO). The mids on the V-MODA Vibe are much more forward, while the mids on the JBL 220 are more laid back. It does seem to give a more "balanced" sound. These canalphones are famous for being the lesser known earphones that some believe to be a bit more "refined" than the Vibe (with a slightly bigger soundstage, more separation, clarity in low frequencies, etc.). The JBL 220 have a ported design in the back that gives a more "open" sound in a closed earphone. The cord is wrapped in striped nylon, giving a better sense of durability. Microphonics disappear if you wrap the cord around your ear (as with almost any canalphone).

Unfortunately, I found that neither the V-MODA Vibe or the JBL Reference 220 were going to be put to much use, and thus am deciding to sell both (there's another thread dedicated to the V-MODA Vibe). I also need to pay off other expenses, like a leather chair that I just bought today.

They have been used very, very, very sparingly (actual in-ear use was probably less than 3 hours) for about three weeks, but have been burned in for about 48 hours (was a straight session). All the original sleeves are included. I used the medium-sized ones, but cleaned them thoroughly before repacking. I am the original owner, and the box and all the accessories it came with are included (including the nice zipper case). Most of the accessories are in completely new condition. These are the black model with the silver backing/vent.

Sorry, I'm shipping only to the 48 contiguous United States, via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days to arrive after shipment). It will include a delivery confirmation number. PayPal is the method of payment preferred.

These were SOLD for $55 shipped. My feedback is in my signature.

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