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FS: IUSB Nano 3.0, iGalvanic, Vinyl Flat Can-Opener

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  1. skullguise Contributor
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    Clearing out some unused accessories, all prices US sale only and asking price includes shipping and PayPal fees. US sales only, please.

    1st up: iFi iUSB Nano 3.0, I put the rubber feet on but I believe all other accessories are there. $150 shipped

    2nd: iGalvanic, also with rubber feet on with box and info cards and USB cable. $200 shipped

    3rd: Vinyl Flat Can Opener. Got "just in case" and that "case" never happened. Smudges and dust, but should be solid. $50 shipped


    Todd - skullguise

    iusb-n-1.jpg iusb-n-2.jpg iusb-n-3.jpg iusb-n-4.jpg igalv-1.jpg igalv-2.jpg igalv-3.jpg cano-1.jpg cano-2.jpg
  2. MatthewK
    PM'd about iGalvanic

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