FS: iPod 5th gen. 30gb w/ case, charger
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Headphoneus Supremus
May 20, 2004

I am selling a used white 5g 30gb Ipod. It comes with the usb cable, gold metal carrying case, and an ipod charger. Since day one I put a Bestskinsever skin on it and replaced it with a new one last year. so if you decide to take the skin off the ipod would be flawless, no scratches anywhere, it is perfect. The battery is good as new because I always made sure it was close to being fully charged. It also has Rockbox installed, I can uninstall it if you want. This ipod has never been dropped and barely used. I am asking $100 shipped anywhere in the USA. International shipping is on you. I prefer Paypal.

If interested PM me. I have tons of feedback (feedback link in my sig).

***I will post pics on Sunday by noon.***

SOLD! And I didn't even have to post pics, cool.

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