FS: iPhone 2G 16gb - Excellent! Moved to eBay. I'll end early for a good offer from a head-fier.
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Nov 28, 2007
I thought I'd post this here for a couple of days or so before I put it up on ebay. This is the first generation, 16gb phone. I bought it in March of 2008. It has always been in a case, and has never been without a screen protector. I'll put a new screen protector on it before I ship. It will have the original box and all the stuff, save for a black aftermarket USB to iPod cord, as the original developed a short. It comes with the little dock thingie that Apple used to include. It is not unlocked or Jailbroken. I'd do it if I could figure out how... I will reset it to factory of course. It will come without a sim card. Looks like the close-up photos caught some dust and fingerprints. The shiny apple on the back is not scratched, just fingerprints. The case is very good to excellent conservatively. There is a bit of maring on the black plastic on the back from sliding into the little dock. There may be a mar on a corner, I can't really tell in the dim light right now. Screen is perfect under the protector. The current protector has been doing it's job as the photos show. I'll provide a new one. I will also include the two cases shown. They have also been doing their job, bit are in decent shape.

These are going for roughly $275 to $325 in this condition on ebay, depending on luck of the draw. I think the words unlocked/Jailbroken are worth about $25! I'll take (was $275), (then $265), (then $260) now $250 shipped and paypal'd conus, possible additional cost for international shipping. I'll entertain offers, but not lowballs. Thank you for checking it out!






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