FS: Incomplete MINT
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(formerly known as DieInAFire)
Sep 14, 2005
I have the board with all the parts soldered onto it, and have wires coming out of SW. It's unhalved, uncased, and doesn't have the switchcraft jacks soldered onto it, or the SPDT switch, or the LED. Simply a board with all resistors, buffers, opamp, pot, input caps, power caps, and plastic molded battery clips soldered to it. oh, and it comes with a sexy aluminum knob. I can also include an altoids tin with it. Looking for $40 shipped via cc-paypal, $38 shipped via non-cc paypal

Also, if you'd like for me to split the board/cut the board in half for you so that you can use both battery clips for an 18V MINT, just let me know

Make me an offer for what you think is fair

WIMA polypropylene input caps, AD8620 opamp, nichicon power caps, EVJ pot, gain is set at 10, using vishay/dale resistors throughout

RLED is 4.75k ohms


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