FS (in/from UK): Sennheiser HE90
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 3, 2002
After several months of “will I won’t I” I’ve made a decision. The HE90 will go, and I’ll probably get another Omega II. You might have read several times of my concerns with the comfort of the HE90 on my admittedly huge head, a head that the O2 accomodates better. And for my uses I’d rather have a very good phone which is very comfortable rather than a great phone which is uncomfortable.

So the HE90 is up for sale. Please read all of the following carefully.

I am inviting serious offers including the Stax conversion cable (NOT built by Moon-Audio so you know it works
). This is from the first batch of the new HE90’s which were sold by Meier-Audio last year. Pictures on request for serious offers but generally speaking it is in virtually pristine condition. It is complete with the wooden presentation box and the cardboard outer box. It will be shipped appropriately packaged with postage method as per your instructions.

Payment by Bank Transfer / cheque drawn on a UK bank account.

I will also consider a trade for a complete (case, manuals, etc) Omega II in very good condition. If you happen to be running a 717 and you want to change it for an 007t to run the HE90 with then that trade can be arranged too, as for PC-based use I prefer powering the O2 out of the 717. All trades however in person without exception, and the agreed balance must have been paid / cleared into the account prior to the exchange. This is the only trade I will consider.

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