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FS: IMOD U2 limited edition + ALO imod cable + RSA SR-71A ! HOT

  1. Richard-iu
    Alright! Sold my HM-602. Now I sell my RWA mod IPod vedio U2 limited edition(all original box) + ALO Imod Cable and with my RSA SR-71A. Battery and charger will including.
    ( U2 Imod + ALO imod cable = $ 520 including US shipping)
    ( U2 imod + ALO imod cable SR71A (battery and charger) = $930 including US shipping)
    ( Single SR71A with battery and charger = $450 with shipping)
    Will post Pictures soon.
    P1000724.jpg P1000717.jpg P1000720.jpg P1000721.jpg P1000722.jpg
  2. Richard-iu
  3. Richard-iu
  4. grokit
    How big is the hard drive, 30gb, looks like gen 5.5?
  5. Richard-iu
    U2 just have ipod photo and ipod video 30G
  6. airj23wsy
    Still available?? How much total?
  7. Richard-iu
    Total 600 without shipping
  8. kayser
    How much for the ALO LOD?
  9. Richard-iu
    sry! can't single sell it.
    I was put my IMOD and ALO cable together. and single sell my SR71A. SO...
  10. Richard-iu
    bump.also can trade for good laptop.
  11. Richard-iu
    Big Bump
  12. Richard-iu
  13. Richard-iu
    And FS A new condition HIFIMAN HM 602! PM me. $415 Including Shipping in us
  14. Richard-iu
    SOLD HM602
  15. Richard-iu
    SOLD HM602

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