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    For sale is my iFi Nano iUSB 3.0. Please note that this is not a DAC. This is used to feed clean USB power and signal to USB DACs.

    Official product page: https://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/nano-iusb3-0/

    I most recently used it to power and clean the signal to my Chord Qutest. It works especially well in that regard. However, I made some short-term poor financial choices, and I'm selling some of my smaller equipment so that I can justify keeping the Qutest for the longer term.

    I am the original owner and purchased it in late February. All original accessories, box, and sleeve included.

    It sells new for $220. I am asking $175 shipped. Please note that I do not have Paypal. Google Payments is preferred. I have used it with my past several sales with no issues.

    Thank you for any interest.
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