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FS: iFi Nano Black Label BL (Free Worldwide shipping) - Price dropped!

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  1. royneo
    For Sale
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    Selling a 9/10 condition iFi Nano Black Label (BL). Comes with full accessories. This was bought about 6 months ago and has been only exclusively used with my laptop. Due to this, battery life is very close to original capacity as it's been running off my laptop rather than its own battery.

    There is a small hairline scratch at the top left hand corner of the front panel of the iFi Nano BL but other than that, everything looks good - no rubbed-off ink, dents, etc.

    Accessories included: Fabric Carrying Pouch, 2 elastic tethering bands, USB 3.0 A Male to Female 3ft cable, USB 2.0 Female A to B 4in cable, USB 2.0 Female A to B adapter

    photo_2019-10-06_03-17-37.jpg photo_2019-10-06_03-17-38.jpg photo_2019-10-06_03-17-39.jpg photo_2019-10-06_03-17-40 (2).jpg photo_2019-10-06_03-17-40.jpg photo_2019-10-06_03-17-42 (2).jpg photo_2019-10-06_03-17-42.jpg

    I'm selling this at 140 Euros with free shipping worldwide. If you require any special instructions for customs or shipping, please feel free to let me know. Whenever possible, I'll dispatch this within 1 working day of your purchase.

    Massive savings from the listed retail price of €249/£199!

    I'm happy to ship worldwide as well, the price equivalent for your regions can be found below:
    EU: 140 Euros
    US: 154 USD
    Australia: 225 AUD
    UK: 121 GBP

    As paying thru Goods & Services is the only Paypal option in my country, I'm unable to accept Paypal gifted. If you would like to save on the Paypal fees, I can also accept payments thru Transferwise.

    You may find out more information on the iFi Nano BL here.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2019
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    Price dropped!
  11. royneo
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