FS: iFi iDAC2 Excellent Condition. Full kit with all Accessories. Perfect sound
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Jun 10, 2006
 do not have use for this DAC anymore as I sold my desktop setup. Excellent condition, sounds great. No surprises. Buy with confidence, I have perfect ratings on eBay and Audiogon. Shipping and PP is included.

A significant upgrade of the acclaimed original Micro iDAC, the astounding iFi Micro iDAC2 DSD DAC/headphone amplifier operates as a pure Class A design and offers True Native playback of files up to Quad DSD256 and PCM 384kHz. But the USB bus-powered iDAC2 not only handles the very latest audio formats in their pure form. Anchored by a completely new Burr-Brown chipset, this compact bellwether design includes a built-in 350mW headphone amplifier that effortlessly drives virtually any medium-sensitivity ‘phones. You get both RCA and 3.5mm headphone outputs. Want more flexibility? An S/PDIF output allows iDAC2 to receive a USB signal, convert it, and output it to music streamers and A/V amplifiers. Such versatility is welcome, but the most impressive aspect of iDAC2 remains its sonic performance. Fed through iDAC2, music sounds involving, inviting, dynamic, and alive. Factor in three filter settings, a digital output, and high-grade parts – including a power supply outfitted with iFi's signature Super Regular noise filter and Vishay resistors – and it's a miracle this .43-pound wonder costs less than most monthly car payments.

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