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FS: Ibasso DX90

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  1. furyagain
    For Sale
    I am selling a Ibasso DX90,
    I bought it from mp4nation last year, havn't used it much.( only have brought it outdoor 4-5 times.)
    I have thrown away the box already, so I only have the unit and the soft case on it.
    it charge using USB , as the cable that came with it was really low quality so I have been using my own, I can provide a USB cable in this.
    Selling it 250us  shipped to U.S.
    or 300 Canadian shipped in Canada
  2. CBus Audio
    I am interested. What is the condition? How many hours used? Does it come with all accessories and box?
    Thank you
    Adam Berger
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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