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[FS] - iBasso DX220 + AMP 9 + 2 additional TPU cases

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  1. aaf evo
    For Trade
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    •   United States
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    For sale is an iBasso DX220 in mint condition, it comes with all original packaging and accessories (AMP 1MK2 included), as well as AMP 9 with the packaging, and 2 TPU cases from Taobao with packaging and extra screen protectors also.

    It has Lurker0 mod installed so the Google Play store is loaded and ready to go.

    Shipping with the US only.

    I will consider selling the Taobao cases and AMP 9 separately from the DX220 if I do not get any offers within some time.

    PM me. No trades. Pictures can be provided upon request.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
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  2. szore
    Hi, what was your impression of the amp 9?
  3. aaf evo
    Love AMP 9, across both my A18t and Legend X I feel it extends the whole frequency range really well.

    Has quite a bit of hiss though.
  4. dhc0329
    You selling this to get SP2000? :)
    aaf evo likes this.
  5. aaf evo

  6. dhc0329
    It is quite tempting, isn't it? I am drooling over CU version myself but risky indeed.
    I still like DX229 so may keep it regardless...

    aaf evo likes this.
  7. aaf evo
    I’m going for the SS myself.
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  8. aaf evo
  9. brainchill
    would you sell the amp9 separately?
  10. aaf evo
    As of right now I will be keeping it a package sale but if I don't get any good offers within some time I will sell the AMP9 separately.
    brainchill likes this.
  11. AndroidL
    Will you sell without both the amp1 and the amp9?
  12. aaf evo
    I will 100% not sell without AMP 1 MK 2, I will sell without AMP 9 if I get no offers within time.
  13. AndroidL
    Fair enough. I am mainly interested in only using it with amp8 since my t8ie doesn't play well with amp9's hissing.
  14. aaf evo
  15. aaf evo
    Sold, thanks all.
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