[FS] - iBasso D2 Viper w/ bunch of opamps + Torx screw driver
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 14, 2007

I am selling my iBasso D2. It is in great cosmetic and working condition. For 99.5% of its life, it has been plugged in and used at home. There are flaws however, please note:

1) The volume control is slightly slanted (about 2-3 degrees, barely noticeable). I received it this way from iBasso.

2) The opamp slots in the amp are relatively loose compared to when I first received it. Please don't change opamps unless you know what you're doing! This hasn't been a problem for me.

3) It doesn't come with the box (it's plain white and worthless) or manual (has nothing useful in it).

4) It may have a battery life around 10 hours.

What you will get:

1) The iBasso D2 Viper amp
2) AC adapter
3) USB cable (1 meter)
4) Torx screwdriver for opening the case (you only need to take out the screws on the front panel and then slide the amp out)
5) DIP8 Opamps: OPA2132, AD8599 on Browndog, LT1057, OPA2277, LT1469 + might include some others if I find them
6) Pleather pouch

PRICE: $OFF-MARKET shipped via USPS Priority Mail using PayPal in the CONUS only

PICTURES: http://www.xpute.com/d2/

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