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FS: Holo Spring R2R – LVL 3 DAC + Singxer SU-1 - BLACK (Bonus HDMI Cable)

Trader History (2)
  1. Hi-Phi
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • North America
    Looking to sell a package deal here to find a new home for these puppies!

    I am located in Seattle, Washington and am willing to ship.

    Dac + Su-1 USB bridge. Will include a free WireWorld Ultraviolet 7 HDMI cable for I2S capability.

    I am assuming you already know how fantastic this combo is when running DSD or PCM through I2S port. It won DAC of the year in 2018.

    Both units have the latest firmware to run DSD 512 native.

    Buyer covers shipping.

    Dac 5.jpg Dac 4.jpg Dac 3.jpg Dac 2.jpg Dac 1.jpg
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  2. kumar402
    Is it KTE version?
  3. Hi-Phi
    Yes, this is the 1st generation of the KTE -- no sticker.

    I can take the top panel off if you would like to see the internals.
  4. Mattslee
    Are they available?
  5. jaredjcrandall8
    Can you PM if this is still available?
  6. whirlwind
    Killer deal!
  7. Mattslee
    Maybe sold somewhere else.
  8. attmci
    Do you use I2S?
  9. attmci
    Nice package.

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