FS: HiVi Swan M10 2.1 Speakerset
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Nov 30, 2007
I have 2 sets of these to sell actually, one is used and previously my baby. The other is brand new, still in-box, and was for my father who did not want them. Moving to Portland early next year and they can't come with me on the plane. My loss and your gain, blah blah blah.

This is a great set of speakers for the price. They sound great with a nice even low-end and are pretty handsome with a pearlescent, white face and exposed cones. I've owned them and a comparable set of Klipsch Promedias and prefer the Swans.

Now, I understand the only place that sold these online was AudioInsider.com and they discontinued them to stock the much uglier Swan M12. These are hard to find now and especially in new condition.

Used set is going for $100 shipped and the new is only $120 shipped. Paypal only, so we both have recourse and purchase protection. Shipping insurance is on me. I am open to international shipping but anything over $7 falls on the buyer to cover.

I'll get pictures up here tomorrow evening or the next day.

Thank you for looking!

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