FS: Hisenior B8 16 BAs UIEM brand new with case/accessories

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  1. menuki
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    Selling my brand new, just received Hisenior B8 with 16BAs (8BAs per side) and 4 crossovers. They come with a 1 year warrenty.

    Simply said, they sound wonderful. So wonderful in fact that I'll acquire the Hisenior T12, which is a lot more expensive though. These were my entry ticket into the BA only IEM world and for the price offered, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything better or similar. :)

    Also, they are handmade and were carefully tested before, so be assured that the driver matching is just excellent. This is my promise to you. There is no usual "HS" logo on the In-Ears which just adds to the aesthetics! Once you have them in your hands, lingering doubts about durability vanish and you can always safely put them away in the dedicated case.

    Link to Aliexpress:

    Photos of my Hisenior B8, note, these are NOT stock photos but photos of the actual IEM you'll receive:

    HTB1mNc3uQ9WBuNjSspeq6yz5VXao.jpg HTB1ST0QhlnTBKNjSZPfq6zf1XXa3.jpg HTB1Uec1uKuSBuNjSsziq6zq8pXa2.jpg HTB1yha8hXkoBKNjSZFEq6zrEVXai.jpg HTB19RfxmsyYBuNkSnfoq6AWgVXat.jpg

    They're in completely mint condition and will be sold so that I can justify purchasing the T12.

    Link to Aliexpress:

    Let me know if you have any questions!
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  2. Thomas De Brito
    hello they are cheaper on the aliexpress site I think their is a sale for them at the moment
  3. menuki
    Yes, but there may be customs tax for some, like myself, which was around 70€, which is why I'll sell them for 289€ and still make about 70€ loss. :wink:
  4. dbachdev
    Nobody interested in your tax lose, fellow :) Everybody knows that on Ali you can trade and buy those even $100 cheaper. Well... if you get lucky and/or buy some more stuff from the store.

    BTW its 6BA per side? Please read your description carefully
  5. dbachdev
    And count them through your "beautiful" transparent case without brand logo :)
  6. menuki
    I was unaware of this trade program, good to know. Plus, I still like to mention what has been paid so that the price doesn't seem unjustified.

    And no, it's 8BA per side. I didn't mention 6BA per side.

    Done that first thing. They are beautiful to me, you don't have to like the design. :wink:

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