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FS: Hifiman RE272 MINT - $189!! -- (SOLD / TRADED)

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by kiteki, Sep 16, 2011.
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  1. kiteki
    For Sale
    Hifiman RE272.
    I'm in Melbourne, Australia, will ship these anywhere.
  2. kiteki
  3. kiteki
    So uh, does anyone want these?
    It's the new Hifiman flagship... save $40 off the standard price.
  4. kiteki
    slashy slash slash?
    If no one picks these up at this price, I'm ending this sale in 17 hours from now.
  5. proedros
    Great price , i find it curious noone picks them up
    20% off on a new IEM ?
    get it.
  6. kiteki
    Yeah I know? and it sounds amazing... are they waiting for a black friday sale or something? [​IMG]
    I'm ending this sale at 9 A.M. tomorrow (GMT+10).
  7. mukulymn
    RE272 has a class....at this price its a steal...I wud hav bought thm myself if I hadnt spend the money on ex1000. Bestoluck...wait for a day or two, someone will grab thm...
  8. i2ehan
    Oh, you tease! [​IMG]
    There shall be no waiting past tomorrow. Take it or kiss it goodbye people! [​IMG]
  9. kiteki
    Price slashed again.
    Now $189.
    Closing this listing in 10 hours and 12 minutes, tick tock.
  10. i2ehan
    whee.gif whee2.gif whee.gif
  11. kiteki
    Sir i2ehan I think you're suffering from a mild case of asynchronocity.
  12. i2ehan
    Aren't we all? Welcome to Head-Fi. [​IMG]
  13. trex998
    PM sent!
  14. kiteki
    Sorry trex998 and i2ehan... you were both so close! - these are now SOLD / TRADED to user "iRoux".
    Thank you to everyone that was interested in and looked at this sale!
    Happy listening!
  15. i2ehan
    Damn you melatonin; that's what I get for sleeping! [​IMG]
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