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FS: Hifiman RE252 + Hifiman HM-101 - cyber monday deal $99

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by kiteki, Nov 23, 2011.
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  1. kiteki
    For Sale
    The now discontinued soon rare Hifiman RE252 including the original box with unused S and L tips (I will clean the M tips).
    For an additional $20 I will include the very good Hifiman HM-101 USB DAC/Amp (featured in the picture above).
    $17 next day delivery with DHL within Australia, will ship international too.
    This was once a FOTM so you can find many reviews, i2ehan thinks it sounds near identical to the Audio Technica CK100.
    I find the sound quality improves quite a bit with a 75 ohm impedance adaptor cable.
    I already sold the Hifiman RE0 and RE272, this is my favorite one, I'm only selling it so I can afford to try different audio products.
    These used to sell at head-direct.com for $199, it was advertised as having real silver voice coils.
  2. kiteki
  3. kiteki
    $99 FOR THE RE252
    $19 for the HM-101
    BOTH OVER 50% OFF!
  4. kiteki
  5. kiteki
    SOLD to user "Yooss".
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